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Friday, June 13, 2008

Jewish Museum in Prage

The Jewish museum in Prague is made up of several synagogues and the
cemetary. Most of the syagogues are now museums about jewish life and
history in Prague. One of the most touching exhibits was about the
Prague Jews that were killed in world war two. When Hitler first
invaded, he had them confined first to the old Jewish quarter, which
was too small for all of them, and then had them sent to a holding
camp outside of the city before they were sent to concentration camps.
One of the things that the museum houses is several rooms that have
walls covered with names of people who died in the camps.

The other touching exhibit was about the children. The Jews went to
great lengths to help the children who were suffering because of the
war. One of the things they did was to find very educated Jews to
teach them, including art classes. They had photos of the children
and pictures that they had drawn of their life in the camps. The
saddest one was of a picture before the camps of a group of children
dancing or playing in a forest. Then they had scribbled it out with a
black pencil. It was so sad. They had a lot of pictures of children
who were travelling back to Prague, and then it told us which of those
children died in the concentration camps, and never made it back to
Prague. I almost cried in that exhibit.


Blogger rantipoler said...

Wow. That's so powerful. That museum is now on my list of places I must go someday. I went to the Museum of Tolerance in LA and there was a part where they separate the guests in order to simulate entering the death camps. My dad went through one door and I went through another and although I know I could never truly understand that suffering, it gave me a glimpse into what it might have been like. Powerful stuff.

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